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Our team is one of the best teams out there servicing thousands of people!



Founder & CEO

DJKik loves music and you should to 🙂  He is very professional and down to Earth.  You will like what you hear.

A little Trivia about DJKIK

He was the first DJ to begin Live Streaming on IMVU...He has been at this now for nine years!

And the rest followed along!



Lizzie Next_3_161x161


Manager / PR

Entreprenuer...SCL HONORS Bs. MGMT  Hit me up with your KJR needs, parties, giftgasms, weddings, showers, or just a party.........Let's get your products moving! And have Fun doing it!

Loves music....Let's Parteeee!

IMVU>>>Add me@ LizzieFoxx


Lead DJ

DJ lPetrul also loves  music, loves to entertain and loves to party...his style is his own.. tune in and find him in a room playing your favorite hits..Want to be a part of the KJR DJ TEAM  contact him on IMVU....He will be more than happy to audition you! 

"Such a Dork"


Stormy Doll...Dj IPetruI's Personal Assistant...Event Photographer.

Creative and Fun Loving ...Also Loves Music....

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