A little about me….

I am spotter. I am HEB.

I have been a part of the IMVU creator and music scene for over a decade. My start on IMVU began with a avatar name of spotter1009.
I was keen on learning how to create products for IMVU but I wanted my name without numbers.
As an enterprising creator I contacted IMVU’s early support and told them I would like my name changed to spotter, which was taken but had been dormant for over 6 months.
I told support I would start my career as a creator, (which back then required purchasing creator status).
Luckily the IMVU staff reviewing my request let me have my name and I have created thousands of products as a result.

Through all of this I have met some amazing people, friends and aquaintances that have contributed in some way to my passion to live mix and create cool derivable products for the IMVU community.
My music endeavors grew from my passion to share music with others. IMVU provided some unique ways of sharing music.
Starting with trigger music (old school triggers) I migrated to live streaming and the ultimate creation of High Energy Beats (
HEB is not a Radio station like KJR but it is more of an experience.
If you have not been a part of HEB please check out the website and come join myself and my awesome hostie/MC Brandigurl (<– amazing creator!) on Wednesday nights (6pm PST/9 pm EST)!

As for my catalog you will find a bit of everything for everyone and a whole lot of derivable products.
If you are not a creator – you will find rooms, clothes, effects, hair and many other cool items to have fun with.
Creators you will find awesome derivables new and old to help bring your visions to life.
Creators, you will find that there is a lot of flexibility to my derivables that let you make unique products.

I originally created products using sketchup and 3dmax and recently with the new branding of “spotter derivable” I am creating products using Blender 2.8 and plan on bringing many new products that you can buy directly or derive!
Thanks to KJR, DJ Kik and LizzieFox for your support!

– spotter