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Hello, Im HarleyBestWilde, I have been a creator on imvu since 2014.
I have a watchful eyes for fashion . I put my heart in everything that I make. I feel if a person looks good, They in turn feel good. I try to be fair to the men and create for them also . Alot of the time ,
They get left out . I know couples love to match . So I try my best to make my shop for the people .
I believe in quality products at affordable prices. I create for all Holidays, Christmas, Halloween, ect. You can also find in my shop Biker, Rocker, Couples, Mens, Womens, Ap, Ga, Wolves, Dragons, Costumes,
Wedding, Jewelry, Tattoos, Skins, Eyes, Hologram, Shoes, DJ, Animation I also make Rooms. I do requests
when I have time to get to them I do not do custom work as I dont like to create for one specific person . The things I put in my shop, I like to be for everyone to enjoy . I have the best customers . Ty all.