“Music is food for the soul. feed that hunger”

Hello folks, I am Ambros. a DJ here at KJR. as my motto above indicates I am a huge fan of music, of all genre’s. Music has served me well in a lot of ways in my life. It keeps me sane, centered, and satiated enuff to deal with any given day. I like to play what hits my mood at any moment, but i also like requests; so if ya see me out n about dj’ing and ya wanna hear it, say it and ill get it on. But anyway. !Fair warning… I have NO filter and my “F”s to give shipment never shows up so i quit ordering them. lol. so you have all been warned. Tune in to me on KJR on Saturdays at 12 noon eastern time, or wherever they put me in the future, to jam out and hang out. Lets feed our souls a buffet of good music shall we?!      DJAmbros


Wednesdays 5pm ET on KJR Main Radio!

Saturdays 12pm ET on KJR Main Radio!


KJR Summer Festival~ Wonderland and Beyond~

August 1st ….12PM PST TO 3PM PST** DjAmbrosGothic** Kickin Jamz Radio