“Greetings everyone, Sniper here. I’m a DJ here at KJR and have a serious passion for music.

My love for music began as far back as I can remember and has only grown over the years. I have a deep respect for all artists, every genre, and can find amazing tunes in every genre in existence. It’s due to that reason that I tend to play a bit of everything. As with everything else in my life I let my mood decide which and when.

Even so, there is one genre of music that resonates the deepest within my soul and that is rock – metal. I am a die-hard metal head and spend what little leisure time I have off duty going to rock concerts

No matter the genre of music I am listening to or DJing I love it heavy and I love it LOUD! Most of all, I love music that stirs my soul and lyrics that speak when my own voice is unable. It is due to this reason alone that I can never play a tune that I do not love or have some sort of connection to or history with. So you can rest assured that if I play it I love it!

As a DJ I hope to stir the same sort of feeling in my listeners whether it is to stir a fond memory from their past or to help them create a new one in the present. Either way, I aim to share my own passion for music with those who tune in with the hope of leaving them feeling better in some positive way for having done so.

I am but the stealthy DJ who refuses to speak on air. It is part of my goal to remain in the shadows for I truly believe that music itself can speak where words fail to. 🎩💀 -tips hat with a skeleton grin-“

⊕ • ━━━━╤デ╦︻ ♫♬🌜🎧💀• 🅳🅹 🆂🅽🅸🅿🅴🆁 •💀🎧🌜♫♬︻╤デ╤━━━━ • ⊕


Weekly Sets:

►TUESDAY ~ “Tantalizing Tuesdays” @ 5pm – 8pm [EST] @ KJR T-Skullz Club on KJR Main Station

*Please watch pulse for additional, unexpected sets being played and follow my room indicator for location information.

Upcoming Events:

►Fri. Apr. 2nd @ 6pm to 9pm [Eastern] – “Easter Family DJ Event” Hosted by: Vitality Entertainment

►Thurs. Apr. 15th @ 6pm to 8pm [Eastern] – Aftershock Opening Hosted by: FlameAsher/Vitality Entertainment

►Fri. Apr. 23rd @ 7pm to 9pm [Eastern] – Epic Venue Hosted by: MrsLovesGUCCIoo

►Fri. May 21st @ 7pm to 9pm [Eastern] – Mental Health Awareness Festival Hosted by: JNR/Motovation Radio [DJBritt69]

Hope to see you there! ♫♬⚡|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|⚡♫♬