♫”Music is my life force. It’s my breath, my thought, my heart beat. Music is in my soul and without it I cannot survive.” ♥DJ V♥♫

Music is all around us. It is in everyone and everything. Music has the power to speak life, healing, power to those willing to listen. As music is a part of my faith in God, I feel that it is my calling and ministry to share the love of God through uplifting Contemporary Christan music with the world. I love people, and I truly enjoy being able to share a piece of my heart each time I go live on air. 


Life is not always easy, but good things happen when we stay true to ourselves. After a season of hardships earlier this year, I have recently been blessed with a wonderful family and the most amazing life partner. My husband, DJ Flame (who is also a DJ with KJR), and I own ~Vitality Entertainment~, where we are constantly thinking of ways to be a light in the darkness for others.


I have been blessed to perform at such venues as Epic, Sensations, KJR Fall Fest, Venus Venue and various other events. I am honored and humbled to be a part of the KJR family. You can find me at KJR RESURGENCE every Thursday night. My passion and my hope is that through music I might be able to make a small part of the world a better place.


♥DJ V♥

♥DJ V♥ & 🔥DJ Flame🔥– KJR DJs

DJ Flame (owner) & DJ V (model) with INSATIABLE-U Modeling Agency


DJ Flame & DJ V- President & VP of Rogue Mongrels MC

DJ Flame & DJ V- written in the stars

Every Thursday from 11pm-1am EST @ KJR Resurgence on KJR Main Station


Saturday, Oct 31 from 7pm-9pm EST @  Annual KJR Halloween Bash


Friday, Nov 6 from 6pm-8pm EST @ Grand Opening of ⫷DROPZONE⫸ 


Friday, Dec 4 from 6pm-9pm EST @ 3rd Annual Fast Lane – Kartracing Team Festival