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Hi!  I am DJKIK..CEO and Owner of KJR….And Now I would like to welcome my partner/half owner of KJR ~LizzieFoxx. and my Wife as of May 02, 2020!  ~ We Welcome You to KickinJamzRadio..and Thank you for tuning in.. KJR  has been streaming on IMVU for almost 12 Years now …giving developers and clubs a place to advertise their products and clubs a place to advertise as well…Please continue checking out our website and if there is anything we can do for you…msg me: DJKIK or  KJR’s MGR/Owner LizzieFoxx!

We are growing and are currently looking for more DJ’s to join our Team,

We are also doing Music Festivals each season..Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter…if you would like to join our Festival Group and participate please message LizzieFoxx. If you would like to hire one of our DJ’s please contact LizzieFoxx:D

Be watching for our Holiday Partys’ and come have some fun with us!

Please come and enjoy our Live Dj shows and have a great time!

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           Playing the Hits just for YOU~from Yesterday and Today! 

DJKIK n LizzieFoxx

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Time Zone used on the Calendar is Eastern Standard