For the month of APRIL we are having a huge sale…buy two months of advertising and get the third month FREE….add an extra 5k to be on our Dev Spotlight page for one month! YOU cannot get this anywhere and with such a large fan based radio how can you not take advantage of this opportunity to get your catty out there and your CATTY in the spotlight! GET NOTICED, Sale those products and Enjoy the ride!

Don’t forget to ask me about a Giftgasm party!

Please contact LizzieFoxx for more information and setting you up with one of our advertisiing packages!
Advertising on KJR is great, and it’s worth every penny, if you decide to do it.  Find the listing below and you will be well on your way to succeeding!!

Pricing is due at the end of your package deal.

BRONZE – 12,500 credits – Our bronze package is the least expensive.  You get your banner on our website and a shoutout on our dev commercial! 

SILVER – 15,000cr – Our silver package gets you on the air with a 15 second commercial, banner on our website and a mention on our dev commercial!

GOLD -20,000cr – Our gold package gets you a 30 second commercial, banner on our website and shoutout on our dev commercial!

PLATINUM – 25,000cr – Our platinum package comes with all the goodies.  You get a 60 second commerciaur website, shoutout on our dev commercial!

Get a hold of LizzieFoxx for advertising…IMVU Inbox message!